Experts in sourcing
natural herbs and medicine

Founders of the company have been in the organic food supplement industry for many years. Passionate about quality we tried to add high quality organic CBD drops to our product portfolio. After many months of searching the European CBD market we could not find CBD that meets our criteria. So, we decided to set up an artisanal CBD extraction laboratory to supply market with highest possible quality of natural hemp extracts at an acceptable price. We respect hemp at every stage of her life cycle from the seed to the CBD drop.

Issues of the CBD
market we try to improve

Heavy users of CBD are usually patients with weakened immune system and it is of paramount importance that supplements and medicine they ingest are of the highest possible therapeutic value and as free of contaminants as it gets in our generally more and more polluted world.

Hemp is often contaminated with unacceptably high levels of contaminants. Our hemp purity testing is most stringent and most transparent on the European market to our knowledge. To supply CBD in line with pharmaceutical standards of purity we test pesticides, heavy metals and organic contaminants in the raw hemp before we introduce it into our CBD extraction process.

CBD market is still an emerging and unregulated market and, in our view, flooded with unacceptably low quality and misinformation. The only way to supply high quality product is to self-regulate. And we do! We implement science-based industry standards and add a bit of art and philosophy.

All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature. The challenge of science is to find it.

Paracelsus (AD 1493 - 1541)

We are dedicated to understanding how hemp cannabinoids work in our bodies. In our minds, this is the only possible starting point in developing CBD extracts with high therapeutic value.

We connect to science and invest in R&D in order to address the most prominent issues of the CBD market: poor oral absorption of CBD (less than 10%). We are constantly trying to improve absorption of our formulas based on science research.

With holistic approach towards life organic CBD is our choice out of understanding its necessity.

Obeying natural laws is our path in all stages of our product development and production. We are certified organic because organic farming protects nature better than conventional farming.

We are connected with hemp all the way from the seed to extract. We are growing our own organic hemp in Slovenia. We cooperate with select few hemp suppliers by visiting their farms, helping with harvests, understanding pest management programs and developing relationships.

What drives us?

We want to be recognized and remembered for our effort in bringing CBD industry to another level with our passion for quality and transparent, science-based approach. We want to provide patients and wellness consumers with cannabinoid products of highest possible integrity and purity. Important aspect of our mission is educating consumer. Currently there is a lot of misinformation about CBD and our endocannabinoid system. It is a great disservice to the patients, to the industry and to the legislative process taking place. We are actively influencing the process to bring CBD industry to a required professional level.

Disclosure & promise

The company was established in 2019. The core of the team is composed by Matic Celar, Gregor Janc and Gorazd Reberšak. Matic is a passionate analytical chemist involved in development of hemp extraction techniques for many years. Gregor is one of the Europe’s pioneers of the super food market. He established PlanetBIO, an organic food supplement company distinguished by its highest quality standards. Gorazd is a manager with international experience in a multinational company and a start-up entrepreneur.

We promise to treat our partners and their business interests as our own. We will always disclose relevant data and do all humanely possible to deliver results we promise.