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( 500 – 1500 mg ) – BROAD SPECTRUM CBD + CBDa

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THC content less than 0,2% – in line with EU legislation

Full spectrum product contains naturally present cannabinoids in their “active” form such as CBD, CBG, CBG, CBC, THC and their acidic counterparts CBDa, CBGa, CBCa…

Product is winterized (cleared of waxes and lipids) to assure high consistency and easy use

No gluten, no artificial preservatives, vegan, 100% organic, cruelty free.

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10ml, 30ml


Organic ingredients: we only use certified organic hemp to produce CBD extracts. Extra virgin certified organic olive oil from trusted source is used as carrier oil.

Colour and taste of all natural full spectrum CBD is bitter-ish both due to hemp extract and olive oil. Taste can vary from batch to batch because of natural variability of hemp and carrier oil used in the production.


Food grade ethanol extraction is the only solvent used in our extraction, distillation and dewaxing processes. We ensure no other harsh solvents were used in any of the required processing techniques to produce our CBD formulas. Our CBD is carefully manufctured in small batches and by paying attention to all relevant detail in a labour intenive process. More about our processing quality.


A full spectrum CBD formula that is in the class of its own. It is reach with cannabidiolic acid (CBDa), terpenes, flavonoids and other naturally occuring therapeutic compounds. CBDa has unique therapeutic properties and its sufficient level significantly improves absorption of its more famous cousin CBD. Read more about potential CBD benefits.

Assessing appropriate CBD dose

Generally oral absorption of CBD is very low. Only about 3-10 % of ingested CBD reaches blood. Two factors influence CBD dosing significantly: metabolism variability in each individual and type of CBD oil.

Every individual has different metabolism and needs to assess their appropriate oral dose of CBD oil. One needs to start slowly with as little as 2-3 mg (1-2 drops) and work their way up every day by a drop or two. Patients with severe problems need doses as high as 100 mg daily. A typical daily dose is between 15-30 mg. CBD drops should be taken sublingually and kept under tongue for a minute or so. A portion of CBD absorbed through capillaries under the tongue will offer relief after just 15 minutes. After CBD oil is swallowed it will need approximately one hour and a half to reach its maximum blood level. The CBD effect will typically wear off slowly in 4-8 hours after ingestion.

Absorption of cannabinoids can be improved significantly when taken after a meal, especially one rich in fats.

Important: cannabinoids inhibit (slow down) functioning of liver enzyme group CYP450 that metabolizes many medicinal drugs. Generally, this results in higher blood levels of those medicines. You need to consider this and discuss it with your medical doctor to adjust (probably lower) the dosing of your medicine.


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