Provider of premium cannabinoid
products for industry and retail


At Cebeden we offer a range of hemp distillates that are sold in bulk or as white label CBD oil or private label CBD oil. We only market products that are manufactured in our artisanal production shop. We accept challenges and extract CBD upon your specification or from your own hemp.

Our own full spectrum cannabinoid wellness line promotes healthy body and mind. Products are manufactured with mutually honest and supporting relations to all stakeholders supporting our company.

Advising our customers

We understand how difficult it is to make decisions on CBD market as a newcomer. We are supportive of plant medicine and experts in organic food supplement market. Our CBD extracts parameters are backed by science and support holistic understanding of human health.

Within these terms we can provide you with insights into marketing of CBD products. By following trends and understanding segments of CBD market we can help you effectively choose the right products and position your CBD brand. We offer training for your staff. We will teach them how to sell CBD responsibly.

Parameters of our quality

All our CBD distillates are made of certified organic hemp and are extracted with food grade ethanol in organic certified facility. Food grade ethanol is produced from plants unlike a cheaper alternative isopropanol which is made of oil. Choosing food grade ethanol is our conscious choice to contribute in preserving the Planet.

Small batch production is another speciality we are proud of as it enables control of important details in the process of CBD extraction and distillation. We manage contamination of our product and submit raw material to 3rd party testing to provide a final product that is in line with pharmaceutical standards of purity. Read more about our quality.


In order to get our B2B offer please register as a business. We will be in touch (typically within a day or two) to discuss your needs and requirements. In the next stage we will provide availability, prices, shipping rates and other parameters necessary to establish firm foundations for conducting business.

Opportunity for
holistic practitioners
to enhance their impact

Holistic practitioners are often more educated about cannabinoids than conventional doctors and understand possibilities of CBD treatment better as they often encounter patients that use it already or have questions about it.

Hemp extract is not new to medical science. It was already a part of the ancient ayurvedic pharmacopoeia. In recent three decades scientific evidence has mounted for medicinal value of hemp. Google search will return more than 100.000 scholar articles on the topic and hemp is believed to be the most researched plant in the world. Contact us and we will direct you towards relevant scientific knowledge that will help you better understand possibilities that CBD offers in holistic treatment of patients.

Practitioners are welcome to contact us to receive discounted prices of our products that fit well into holistic treatment of body and soul.