Cannabinoid Clinic

In partnership with International Institute for Cannabinoids ICANNA we offer a unique service on the European market: Medical consulting addressing endocannabinoid system.

organic hemp

The input raw material is crucial in ensuring the top quality of CBD. Only organically grown hemp meets our criteria. In order to supply our customers with first grade products and set an example for the entire industry, we pay full attention to managing the quality of the input raw material.

of production

We grow hemp on our own fields and a part is grown for us by proven business partners. CBD is obtained by extraction exclusively with food grade ethanol. CBD oil is diluted only with organic extra virgin olive oil, if possible, locally sourced to keep carbon footprint low.


In the CBD industry, quality standards are not established by the competent authorities. Manufacturers therefore need to rely on our own expertise and set up internal quality standards. We strive to set an example for the entire industry. We supply CBD oil in line with pharmaceutical standards.

We offer artisanal extraction CBD products supported with scientific research. Expect full disclosure of relevant facts, a reliable support and a professional approach.

"We are passionate about hemp and its unique character. Hemp’s fitocannabinoid system is so surprisingly similar to human endocannabinoid system they are actually one system that manifests in two realms of nature."